EMS Abounds
Exceptional EMS Education by Kevin Jenckes

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Sudden death is most frequently a result of an electrical abnormality with in the heart.  When this occurs it is crucial that timely CPR and defibrillation are available to the patient.  When a person is injured you can stand there and wait, cause further injury, or have the skills needed to help them while you wait for 911.

Do you know what to do in these circumstances?  You can.  First aid and CPR are simple classes that can make a difference for someone you know or love.

CPR and First Aid Training are available for individuals, groups, and businesses.  Whether you need Healthcare Provider for licensure or Family and Friends for personal reasons I can help you.  Rates vary and are tailored to your need.
      1: to be present in large numbers or in great quantity : be prevalent;                    2: to be copiously supplied 
                          (Merriam-Webster dictionary)

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