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September 4, 2019 through January 29, 2020

This will be a tough course. Some have never done a Hybrid course before. 14 of 20 weeks will be “Flipped”. 

What does “Flipped” mean?  This mean the classroom environment is “Flipped” from the traditional classroom to one of self study.  Flipped weeks will have online testing, webinars, videos, Power Points, and homework.

This will require significant self motivation. In house classes will be Mondays and Wednesdays.

I view the potential applicant as a “Rockstar” EMT.  You do not necessarily need to be the most experienced EMT but be the one that has continued to review your EMT book, asks questions of your partners and the ER staff at every opportunity.  I would recommend that the applicant begin to study their EMT book now in anticipation of this class.  Set aside a couple of hours each week until class begins. A&P, perfusion, and aerobic/anaerobic metabolism would be my priority.

Why only $800.00 when others are offering this format for $1300- 1500?  I can not personally charge a student the same fees as if I was making the same time commitment that a traditional class would require.  While I will still have a significant time commitment to you, it will be less simply because I will not be commuting to a classroom two nights each week.  My dedication to each of you will be no less however. 

The following nights will be in house at the Epping FD from 1800-2200:

Wednesday 9/4

Monday 9/23 and Wednesday 9/25

Monday 10/21 and Wednesday 10/23

Monday 11/11 and Wednesday 11/13

Monday 12/9 and Wednesday 12/11

Monday 01/13/2020 and Wednesday 01/15/2020

Wednesday 01/29/2020

The in house sessions will consist of the chapters that I have found students to struggle with the most, review, and skills labs.  I will be available for additional in house sessions as the need arises.  

The following nights will have Webinars at 1900:

Monday 10/07

Monday 11/04

Monday 12/02

Monday 01/06/2020

These webinars will be question and answer review sessions.

There will be weekly quizzes or exams.  These will be done online and must be completed by Monday evening at 2200 each week.  They can be taken at any time or day prior to each week’s deadline.  Quizzes and exams taken after the 2200 deadline will be docked 10 points per day that they are late.

Please contact me if you have any questions.


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