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Hi All,

     Nick and I completed the weekend RTP presented by Kevin Jenckes (info@emsabounds.com) at EMS Abounds in Farmington. I'd have to say that it was one of the best I've had since 1978. Kevin presented a very interactive and practical approach to this RTP. We went over our basic skills and discussed more advanced techniques as well. He made the full 24 hours go by very quickly.

     I'd highly recommend Kevin's classes to anyone that really wants to improve their knowledge base and practical skills.


Tony Maggio, CMO
EMS Chief
Barrington Fire & Rescue
EMS Division
PO Box 820
Barrington, NH 03825 February 2012 EMT Refresher

(This is copied from an email he sent out to the members of his department, printed here by permission)

"Kevin is knowledgeable and dynamic in presenting this subject"  Class on nerve agents and Duo-Dote auto injectors; Fremont, NH June 2010

"Kevin has been a good instructor by patiently explaining new subjects in a clear, straight forward way"  Spring 2010 EMT-I student

"The methods used were very hands on.  The teaching style was very conducive to learning and retaining the information.  Based on other classes from other Instructors this was by far the best and most rewarding"  Spring 2010 EMT-I student

"Kevin's skills continuously improve- and I never think it could be better but he does it!  His material changes and is not redundant. Interesting, educational, fun, and inspiring."  EMT Refresher Training Program

"Very good, thanks, entertaining, awesome.  You are a great instructor.  I look forward to taking more classes"  EMT Refresher Training Program

"Excellent job.  Recommend class to anyone."  EMT Refresher Training Program

"Kevin does a great job presenting with humor, directness, and depth.  He brings a wealth of personal experience."  EMT Refresher Training Program

"Great refresher.  Was one of the better refresher classes I have ever been involved in."  EMT Refresher Training Program

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                          (Merriam-Webster dictionary)

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